Bad Ass Power Cookies Spice Up Life

badassInspiring people in the worlds of fitness and healthy eating for years, John Lewis aka Bad Ass Vegan has done it again. Now this motivational man offers us a nutrition-conscious cookie. Read more of his personal health transformation story here.

Like many health nuts, John would love how he felt eating spirulina, the green superfood powder full of minerals and protein. However, he was not alone in finding the taste of spirulina unpleasant. He creatively threw some into his oatmeal raisin cookie dough, and the Bad Ass Power Cookie was born.

Vegan cookies sometimes turn out hard or have strange flavors, but these are soft and tasty, as well as being organic. The cookies are not gluten-free, but use spelt and oats as well as healthy pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. As John develops his brand, he is looking into additional cookie flavors and other products. For now, the Bad Ass Power Cookies are sold online individually or in packs. They would make great holiday gifts!

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Chocolate for a Cause

rc_jess_Peanut_Butter_1_1024x1024Rescue Chocolate is not only organic, vegan, fair-traded and certified kosher — all the things conscious shoppers want in their treats — but it’s delicious and the company gives 100% of the net profits to animal rescue groups around the U.S.! Each flavor represents a different rescue issue, and the chocolate bar names are creative: Fosteriffic Peppermint, educating people about the need for pet foster homes, and Mission Feral Fig, highlighting that feral cats need a humane solution, for example.

Within the eco-friendly packaging you’ll find some crafty snacks. The Mission Feral Fig bar has big beautifully visible pieces of almonds and dried figs. Since I haven’t been eating chocolate much lately, I definitely got a little buzz off the 66% dark chocolate. Rescue Chocolate can cater baby showers, weddings or other events. To see if the bars and other products are available in your city or to shop for the chocolate online, click here.rc_jess_plain_11_1024x1024

Sarah Gross, the founder of Rescue Chocolate, is also actively planning events such as the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival to be held March 1-2 of 2014. Last year over 6,000 people attended and they hope for an even larger turnout this time in the city that doesn’t sleep.


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The Power of Enough – Alchemy of Presence

shapeimage_2I wanted to share an article written by my lovely friend Parminder Randhawa. She is a Certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master who also leads women’s healing circles, dance events, and personal growth workshops.  

For more info on Alchemy of Presence, contact Parminder at (858) 444-7993 or email

In an age constantly pushing us towards more, I am beginning to think that any hope for lasting peace and happiness will only come once we––individually and collectively––learn to live by the principle of enough. In so many different ways, I find myself easily and repeatedly getting sucked in by the allure of the “more is better” mantra. This is the principle our whole economic system seems to function on––a  constant striving for more profit, more growth, more productivity. It’s the principle our advertising and media industries teach us––spend more, have more, consume more. It’s also the principle many of our social structures and institutions inculcate in us––study more, achieve more, be more, do more.

This constant push for more is a recipe for disaster, both personally and socially. On an individual level, it promotes a constant dissatisfaction with our lives and sets up unhealthy comparisons and expectations that leave us feeling more alone and discontented. Socially, it has led to the destruction of natural resources and many other forms of life. What’s even more dangerous is that the push for more is accompanied by a belief in the scarcity model, which teaches that there is not enough to go around for everyone. This sets up unhealthy competition between individuals and societies as we all try to make it in a world that has become full of uncertainty, insecurity, and fear. No wonder so many experience anxiety and depression!

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Snacking on Superfoods

coconutIt’s been fun experimenting with new organic superfoods lately, with Navitas Naturals serving as one of the main companies I purchase from.  Tart goldenberries from South America supply Vitamin A, fiber and protein. Even tastier for snacks and smoothies are goji berries, full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant-rich mulberries.

Coconut fans will love some of Navitas Naturals products. Low-glycemic coconut sugar has healthy minerals, and works great for baking. This chocolate chia pudding uses both the coconut sugar and chocolate coconut water powder. The latter powder consists of the juices from inside a young coconut which have been freeze-dried, providing electrolytes for people working out or on the go, and can also be used for smoothies.

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Power to the Young Ladies

IMG_0397So many people in San Diego are doing vital work to help the community. Among that crowd you’ll find 100 Strong San Diego members Jacqueline Penhos and Olivia Dixon mentoring young women. The two ladies hosted the Women Empowerment and Career Enhancement 1st Annual Fundraiser on Sept. 7 at World Beat Center.  Speakers included Dr. Shirley Weber, the first African-American female assembly member; Dr. Suzanne Affalo, MD from Kaiser Permanente, an advocate for minority and underserved communities; and others. Several vendors were selling jewelry, hats, cosmetics, and other fun items, and nonprofits were available to offer youth confidential HIV testing, breast cancer and domestic violence education, immigration services, and more.

Jacqueline and Olivia are holding a Rites of Passage Program for young women ages 10-18 from March through June of 2014. They will have workshops, field trips, cultural understanding through art, and volunteering opportunities. Girls will learn about adult living, finances, preparing for college, and much more. For more info, contact Olivia at 619-501-6985 or Jacqueline at 619-200-2708.

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Lending a Helping Hand

5288_1189517811044_7613825_nTwo of my friends don’t know each other but are both amazing artists and meditation/yoga teachers. They devote their lives to helping others and are in need of receiving at this time.

Deborah Shemesh (pictured with me and her son, Adam) is an inspirational woman that has been fighting off cancer for more than the 20 years my family has known her. She is a Chopra Center teacher living in Northern California, and mother to a son in San Diego. She recently had hip surgery, and next month is facing another expensive surgery for adenocarcinoma. To learn more — or if you are able to donate even a few dollars — please click here.

Lotus Love, about half Deborah’s age but full of wisdom, is a San Diego healer offering yoga, reiki, meditation and more, and she and her partner Andre are awesome artists. They recently incurred not only the sudden death of their sweet cat but steep unexpected vet bills and came up with a creative way of exchanging their healing and artistic services for donations. See this video for details.

Give and receive!






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Forward Thinking: It’s Time for Sliding Scale Animal Clinics

Sara Vaz, one of my dear friends, is the CEO of Clifford Animal Foundation, a new Oceanside non-profit which provides veterinary services to low-income clients through 30 to 50 percent discounts, based on need!

Check out this article on Clifford Animal Foundation written by Lisa Lipsey in Rage Magazine San Diego Edition -see page 65.


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Cool Your Fire with Ayurveda

This article was written by the lovely Jenna Sullivan, a San Diego yoga teacher and nutritional consultant.

jennaAyurveda, which literally means “The Science of Life,” is an ancient system of natural healing that originated from the Vedic system of India several thousand years ago. Ayurveda focuses on being in harmony with natural cycles (including days and seasons) and views health as balance between our bodies, minds, spirits, and environments. Using natural methods, Ayurveda focuses not only on creating, but also maintaining optimal health and well-being in each person. Ayurveda sees the creation of health and/or disease as the result of how we interact with the world in regards to our thoughts, conditioning, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions, which eventually determine our actions.  Simply put, Ayurveda believes that when we are in harmony with our true and highest selves, we create health, and when we are out of touch with our inner nature, we create disease.

Within Ayurveda are the doshas:  three biological energies that are found in the human body and mind.  All physical, mental, and emotional processes are guided by the doshas. Each individual has some Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, but everyone has a unique proportion of these doshas.  This is called our Prakruti, which is our natural constitution at birth.  When we are in alignment with our Prakruti, radiant, glowing health ensues. When we deviate from our birth constitution, or Prakruti, we enter a state of imbalance, called Vikruti.  The doshas are dynamic energies and can change in response to our diets, our environment, our thoughts and actions, the seasons, and anything else that can be perceived.

In Ayurveda, the goal is to balance and pay special attention to the primary dosha.  Through a questionnaire, one’s primary dosha can be determined.  Summer is considered the time of Pitta. During this time of heat, it is easier for Pittas to become imbalanced and those having some Pitta within them can easily become imbalanced as well.  Eating spicy foods, drinking coffee, black tea, or alcohol, eating while angry, being overly competitive or working too much, or being around excessive sensory stimulation can all contribute to an imbalance of Pitta types.

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Couple Transforms Their Lives, Creates Healthy Lifestyle Business

tiffThis article was written by Tiffany Janay, one of the creators of Organic Blood, a healthy lifestyle company which has recently relocated to Atlanta.

My name is Tiffany Janay, and seven years ago my husband, Malik Zakee, and I decided to quit our jobs and never go back so that we could be full-time free people.  This decision was not for the faint of heart, AT ALL.  But if you’ve ever felt like walking out of your job and never looking back then you can relate to the story I’m going to tell you.

One day we realized that working a 9-5 provided very little time to focus on what really sparked us inside like doing music, being creative, photography, dancing, being in love, and just having fun and not having to use so much energy on “surviving.”

As a result, we had to give up everything our 9-5 jobs provided, meaning our cars got repossessed, the house went through foreclosure and eviction shortly followed, and of course we lost our cable TV package and were no longer able to buy new clothes every week. We eventually had to get on food stamps, and for seven whole years we’ve had nowhere stable to live.

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Kauai Veggie Options Expand

"The Sombrero" at Postcards Cafe

Dinner at Postcards

I have been a lucky frequent visitor of the gorgeous garden island of Kauai, Hawaii and just returned from another tropical relaxation-fest. Eating well is always an enjoyable part of a vacation. Bragging about Postcards Cafe, which my parents own, is second nature. I truly love the food and cozy atmosphere for dinners in Hanalei. The “Sombrero,” pictured on the left, was amazing! I didn’t find much else new in that cute town. In nearby Princeville, Lotus Garden Chinese and Thai made for a good lunch outing with big portions.

A few of us went to Common Ground in Kilauea for lunch, which had a beautiful landscape of many acres and a “field to table” menu including some delicious sweet potato fries and smoothies, and a few vegan options.  The eco-friendly shop was fun for roaming.

On the island’s South Shore in Poipu, Living Foods Market was a nice spot to get some lunch fare before heading to one of the nearby beautiful beaches. The organic produce section was picture-perfect and the store offered many veggie and gourmet goods.

Kauai farmer’s markets are easy places to stock up on produce and kauai 146snacks, as are the health food stores like Papaya’s in Kapaa or Harvest Market Hanalei. If you know of any other veggie-friendly places, feel free to leave a comment.

Aloha and enjoy!

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