Helping and Hugging the Homeless

Handing out donated food

Handing out donated food

Last year, San Diego’s homeless population was estimated at nearly 9,000 people – no small matter. My friend Jacqueline Penhos of Art of Being You came up with a great solution to improve the lives of the local homeless:  a monthly event called “Hugs and Bags.”  Our team of volunteers, which has grown to include adorable children learning the virtues of giving, handed out donations of clothing, food, toiletries and other goods, both new and used. Homeless people and veterans in downtown San Diego lined up eagerly to receive not only warm hellos but the bags filled with useful items.

Hugs and Bags, held on the last Saturday of each month, is growing. The first time we hit the streets last December, we only had treats for women; the Jan. 25 event honored men as well.  Jacqueline did a great job securing donations of not only clothes, toiletries, and condoms, but kids’ toys, bagels, sandwiches, and fruit, and even had a lovely musician perform last time.

For more information or to volunteer or donate items, contact Jacqueline at (619) 200-2708 or through her Facebook page (link above).

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