I Dreamed of Africa – Vegetarian Travel Gets Wild

nurFinally chasing my dream of many years, I am taking my first trip to Africa next week. My heart has long felt a connection to the region and the people. To explore a continent filled with many countries (about 50, the counts I have seen vary) it could take years. In three weeks I will cover a portion of just one country: Uganda, where a friend lives, and a country which sparked my work with African refugees in San Diego a few years ago after seeing the film Invisible Children about the sad lives of child soldiers.

I’m looking forward to roaming around a beautiful country, seeing new landscapes and meeting future friends. Rather than writing to encourage people to stop eating animals —  I will be out in the world seeing some amazing animals. On that note, I will be taking a break from blogging for about a month. Stay tuned, though, for articles on veggie food options and tales from Uganda!

Have a great month.

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4 Responses to “I Dreamed of Africa – Vegetarian Travel Gets Wild”

  1. Teagen Says:

    Have a wonderful adventure Paige! I can’t wait to hear about it and see pictures!

  2. Paige Newman Says:

    Thanks again and again!

  3. Deborah Shemesh Says:

    I have several facebook friends in Africa and can’t imagine how vast and diverse the continent is. How far is Uganda from Cape Town? How can I forward your beautiful mission to my friends in Africa who are so desperate to have wonderful, kind people like yourself who are willing to enhance the quality of their lives? Be safe and know that your services are so very, very special.

    Pagie, I’m so proud of you.

  4. Geoffrey Baluku Says:

    Need to see more pictures

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